A Level Computer Science – ADT – Stacks and Queues in Python and Pseudocode

Part of the A Level syllabus requires students to demonstrate the use Queues and Stacks.  Below are videos which demonstrate how these can be programmed in Python and designed in Pseudocode.

IGCSE & A Level Computer Science – searching an array in Python

Students at IGCSE and A Level are required to search for items in an array.  Below is a video that walks you through how to search for elements in an array.    

IGCSE Computer Science problem solving skills in Python – Arrays, Procedures, Variables and Constants

Part of the Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science syllabus requires users to be able to declare and use one-dimensional arrays show understanding of the use of one-dimensional arrays including the use of a variable as an index in an array read or write values in an array using a FOR … TO … NEXT loop in a high […]

IGCSE & A Level Computer Science – Running sample data from a txt file in Python

IGCSE and A Level Computer Science exams and pre release scenarios often require you to run extensive tests, instead of entering data one line at a time, add data into a a text file and use the command < in.txt file (note that ‘in’ is the name of the file’.  Here is a video demonstrating this […]

A Level Computer Science – How to READ/WRITE to an external file

In the earlier part of Cambridge A Level Computer Science course, I cover how to read/write to external files and how to import OS functions into Python.  Here is a video demonstrating how to use these functions.

IGCSE Computer Science Pre Release 2018 – Possible Solution – Pseudocode

Following on from my last video, I have designed Tasks 1-3 in Pseudocode for the IGCSE Computer Science Pre Release scenario.  This is one of many variants I am working on and keen to hear other peoples feedback on how I have used Pseudocode syntax for the 2018 exam series.

IGCSE Computer Science Pre Release 2018 – Possible Solution

A lot of people have been asking for help online recently and students and teachers have asked for different solutions for the 2018 IGCSE Computer Science Pre Release.  Most of my blog posts will be accompanied with a Youtube video as feel this is the most effective way to aide students studying Computer Science. The […]

Welcome to my blog

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome!! I created this portfolio and started blogging to share my teaching of Computer Science and to help students whom are studying IGCSE and A Level Computer Science.  I will be explaining different concepts of Computer Science in this blog and will be exploring different Computing concepts from robotics, […]

My first blog post

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